Customer Relationship Management

Facing difficulties

Customer relationship is an important intangible asset of the company, but how to maintain a good relationship with customers is indeed a big problem. To understand the customer’s mind, to promote the first transaction, and then become your loyal customer, really so far away?

  • Did not follow up every customer who is interested in your company
  • Customers never tell you the real needs
  • The customer lacks loyalty and goes to another home next time.
  • The customer did not recommend me to his friend
  • Spend a lot of manpower every day to answer a lot of repeated query questions
  • How can we make customers spend more?


The customer relationship management system is no longer a patent of a large company. At present, technology is very popular. Generally, small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy the benefits brought by technology, and it can also greatly increase the company’s revenue.

  • Record the customer’s browsing history on the company’s website and understand the interest
  • Analyze customer preferences with artificial intelligence for targeted promotion
  • Promote points and promote rewards
  • Respond to customer questions with smart chat robots
  • Automatically send promotional messages to target customers at regular intervals
  • Connect with major social platforms and connect directly to customers
  • Analyze comments on companies or brands on the web