Document Management System

Facing difficulties

How good is it for people? Still more people will be tired? Handling internal document approvals between employees often takes time and wreck; documents are getting more and more, and when they need to be searched, it is a painful start. Or are you worried that confidential documents will be accidentally seen?

  • A lot of time was wasted searching for files
  • The company has a unique document processing process
  • Can’t find a way to effectively digitize Wenzi
  • Electronic file files, such as contracts and design drawings, are not properly backed up
  • Workflows need to integrate files from different sources
  • Worried about company secrets leaking


We can design a document management solution for you. From setting employee rights to file version management and approval procedures, you can order them one by one.

  • Install the right hardware and systems for your company
  • Set access rights for employees
  • Electronically document
  • Design approval process
  • Produce and print documents for different purposes of the company