Enterprise Resource Planning


The documents and work processes between the departments are separate and cost a lot of manpower and resources, which really makes many SME owners have a headache. Is there any way to focus the company’s operations on the same platform, but at the same time, colleagues have mutual authority to maintain important confidentiality of the company?

  • The file format of the company department is not uniform, and it is difficult to integrate and count
  • Different departments use different software and systems, and it takes a lot of time to exchange data.
  • Electronic files are placed indiscriminately, and searching is very difficult
  • Often spend time making very similar documents, such as quotations, contracts, invoices, delivery notes, return orders‥‥‥
  • Company confidential information was stolen
  • Managers can’t keep track of the company’s finances, warehousing, customers, etc.


Enterprise Resource Management System ERP is to concentrate the work processes of various departments of the company on a central system, which can greatly improve work efficiency and reduce errors, and management can keep track of the company’s operations. We offer different forms of enterprise resource management system solutions for companies at different stages of development.

  • Concentrate company data and integrate workflows across different departments
  • System process can be tailored to the needs of the company
  • Design file formats for different purposes: quotations, invoices, purchase orders, etc
  • Including accounting systems, customer systems, sales systems, human resources systems, procurement systems, inventory systems, etc.
  • Exchange data with different third-party systems
  • Can set different access rights