Inventory Management System

Facing difficulties

Inventory and logistics management are operational problems often encountered by SMEs. Warehouses account for a large portion of the assets of retail and wholesale companies, and managing them properly is definitely a top priority. Inventory management will be linked to procurement and logistics.

  • I can’t find the entry and exit data of the goods.
  • It is difficult to check the stock of goods when there is more than one warehouse
  • The goods have not been sold after the expiration
  • I can’t find the location of the goods for a long time.
  • It takes a long time to sort out the stock when a large number of goods enter the warehouse.
  • Expendable human resources on print packing lists, express orders or customs declarations


The inventory management system can make your company’s warehouse records fully electronic, reduce manpower, and more importantly, reduce errors and make the company operate more efficiently!

  • Instantly use the mobile phone to check the entry and exit records of the goods and the current stock
  • Integrate data from different warehouses
  • Goods expiration prompt, according to different LOT arrangement shipping order
  • I can’t find the location of the goods for a long time.
  • Purchase order electronically, easy to enter the warehouse
  • Can print documents according to different logistics company specifications, saving manpower